Spring 2019 Registration

We are now accepting students to register for the 2019 Spring!

01/12/2019 – 06/02/2018

Early Registration Deadlines:

1st early registration deadline: 10/31/18
2nd early registration deadline: 11/30/18
3rd early registration deadline: 12/31/18

Registration Form

Spring Classes

Grade 3 – 8 Enrichment Reading/Writing/Math

Grade 6Hunter Exam Prep

Grade 8Special High Examination (SHSAT)

Grade 9Biology / SQII (Geometry) / New PSAT/ACT Verbal

Grade 10SQIII(Trig) / Chemistry / New PSAT/ACT Verbal/SATII Bio

Grade 11New SAT (Verbal, Math, Writing) / ACT / Physics / Precalculus

Grade 12New SAT (Verbal, Math, Writing)


College Essay Writing Workshop