Fall 2020 online school announcement

We are now registering students for our fall program, September 12th to December 20th, 2020. We know that COVID-19 has caused disruption in all of our lives, particularly in our children’s education. While we cannot hold classes in person just yet, we believe that the best way to move toward a sense of normalcy is by offering scheduled, interactive sessions on Zoom. Our licensed teacher will ensure an engaged learning environment for your children. In addition, our teacher’s assistants will lead online sessions at no additional cost to help students with their homework questions and completion.

We believe that now, more than ever, your child’s education is important. We will help your children to succeed in the school year. Register with us now!

Important announcement regarding our current situation

Online school announcement

As we navigate these unprecedented times, we wanted to communicate to everyone that we will continue to follow the recommendations and mandates of local, state, and federal officials. All of our classes will be conducted remotely online for the remainder of the spring semester until further notice. We will update you with any new information as it comes. Our teachers and administration are working remotely to make the online learning environment effective and also maintain a healthy balance of screen time vs off screen work. Lessons and materials are updated weekly in our online learning site. Students are encouraged to email us with any questions they may have, our teachers and teaching assistants will answer them promptly.

Thank you for your cooperation during this challenging time by working together. We wish everyone stay safe and healthy.


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SAT (Verbal, Math, Writing)